Woman felt it was time to seek council seat

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“I was talking about it for a while, and then decided to go for it,” said new Spring Valley City Councilor Chris Danielson. “I felt it was time for a woman to be on the City Council, and we got two.”

Danielson and fellow new Councilwoman Luan Ruesink were elected to the council in the November general election. They took the oath of office Wednesday, Jan. 2, during a council workshop meeting.

“I feel I will be bringing a fresh voice and new set of eyes to the table.  I’m excited to share my ideas,” said Danielson. 

She said she would like to see the city get its own economic development director that would “have Spring Valley’s best interests in mind” rather than sharing a director as is the case now. 

“I hope to look into all areas to see if we could make cuts to help improve our budget — the challenge will be to try to hold the city taxes in line, and also the budget,” she said. “I hope the city will grow, as well as the business district. I want to see Spring Valley grow and thrive.”

She has been married to Lyle Danielson for 10 years and between the two of them, they have four children and nine grandchildren. She said she loves to spend time with her grandchildren as well as with friends and her husband, although she admitted does like to do some shopping, too.  She has been employed in Spring Valley for more than 25 years as she works for Weber & Judd Pharmacy, which has made her familiar with the city.

“I also have gotten to know so many citizens of Spring Valley,” she said.

Being elected to the City Council “exciting,” said Danielson.

“It will be a new chapter in my life.  I guess I will learn more once I get on the council, which happened after Jan. 1,” she said. “It’s exciting to think that you’re making decisions that will affect a number of different people.  I care and am passionate about this city and about my job as a council member — I’d like people to know that I’m a caring person.”