Wykoff insurance agency gives award to Fire Department

The Wykoff Fire Department received a $750 check during a presentation Wednesday. From left are Kevin Benz of Secura Insurance, Steve Johnson of Stevenson Insurance, Inc., Wykoff firefighter Cory Bremseth, Jeff Stevenson of Stevenson Insurance, Inc., and firefighter Ernie Domasky. GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/SPRING VALLEY TRIBUNE
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Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy
Spring Valley Tribune

The Wykoff Fire Department got a boost last week thanks to an award given to Wykoff’s Stevenson Insurance, Inc., which in turn donated the money to the local fire department.

Insurance underwriter Secura Insurance, a mutual insurance company that offers property and casualty insurance through independent insurance agents, had a contest for its clients based on premiums, said Kevin Benz, senior market manager of Secura. Stevenson was a winner, allowing the company to give awards to two communities. Mantorville, which is near another Stevenson office in Kasson, also received an award.

Each town received $750 in the contest award money, with the amount in Wykoff going to the Fire Department. Benz along with Steve Johnson and Jeff Stevenson of Stevenson Insurance, which bought longtime Wykoff insurance agent Doug Snyder’s Doug Snyder Insurance Agency six or seven years ago, were proud to be able to present the sum to Wykoff firefighters Ernie Domasky and Cory Bremseth last Wednesday morning as a measure of appreciation for their work done to help keep Wykoff’s citizens safe and its structures fire-free. 

“Our goal at Secura Insurance is to give back to the communities we serve that our insurance protects,” said Benz. “They’ve done a good job here in Wykoff making sure that structures are safe, otherwise they’d burn down.  And Stevenson Insurance is probably one of the best agencies we work with, and they chose Wykoff as one of the communities they wanted to give their award to.”

Domasky thanked Benz, Stevenson and Johnson for the donation to the fire department, as Wykoff’s firefighters are always working to improve their service and equipment.

 “We’re looking at safety gear and another tanker soon, so we want to say thank you,” he said.