Yes vote in referendum moves district forward

I am going to vote yes Tuesday, May 8, on the Kingsland building referendum.  The reasons are pretty straight forward.  The Kingsland School Board, our elected representatives, have decided that the school campus in Spring Valley is in need of an indoor air quality (IAQ) project for asbestos abatement, mechanical, lighting and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades.  In addition, the board has also decided, if the building referendum is not passed, to go ahead with a lease levy to add two to three classrooms to the existing campus. 

If the referendum passes the Kingsland campus will be expanded to include a performing arts stage, additional gym space with restrooms and dressing and storage rooms for arts and physical education with, depending on your real estate property classification, approximately the same tax increase as the non-voter approved levies. 

It seems to me that our tax dollars will be put to better use to build something that is going to enhance our school district rather than just maintain our school district.  In business if you are not improving your product and the environment you are doing business in you won’t be in business long.  In my mind you face the same choice on Tuesday.  Vote yes, and we move forward.  Vote no, and we make a poor business decision.  Let’s move forward.


Jeff Thauwald

Resident of the Kingsland School District